Wolf Season

Happy New Year, Readers!

It is thrilling to be back after that brief hiatus. January marks another new tradition for Movie Madness – Monster Month! This may seem more appropriate for Halloween, but the cold January air always brings a chill to the heart, so why not start each year with some monster psychology? Plus, Angela Jane (Capricorn creator of this crazy blog, and currently writing about herself in the third person for effect) has a birthday in January and spooky business is a perfect birthday treat.

This is set to be the first FULL year of Movie Madness; the first monster is…the werewolf! Without giving too much away, have you guys ever noticed that movie werewolves all tend to be guys? Very few filmic females are lycanthropes, it seems. Interesting…

Be wary of the full moon as we peruse the classic tale of Larry Talbot, watch a couple of backpacking college boys get attacked on the moors, investigate an updated version of Little Red Riding Hood, and round off the month with a Fox (of Michael J. status).

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