Be My Valentine, Joaquin Phoenix!

It’s the season of love, Readers!

Normally, this season is greeted with a healthy mixture of dread and joy, which everyone knows is the perfect way to embrace any romantic relationship. For the dread-leaning folks out there (you are in good company), these posts will hopefully distract you from your hungry heart. For you love-leaners (also in good company), these posts will hopefully perpetuate your good vibes.

Since this is my first time (um, with this theme), let’s break it down:

Each year, I will choose a worthy movie icon of my love. This year, the choice was obvious: Joaquin Phoenix. Commanding the spotlight with all of his roles, the man has made an equally formidable Joker and a stellar Johnny Cash. In addition to those bodies of work, we will check out some of Phoenix’s other films – some romantic, and some less so to achieve that precise mixture of dread and joy we crave each February.

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