Work Sucks


Every week, we trudge into the office and contemplate quitting. If you’re a nurse like me, then sometimes you wonder if the system is setting you up to fail.

If you’re not a nurse, then you probably feel like the system is setting you up to fail too. What’s the point? We get taxed so much we can barely string enough together to pay the bills right now! How am I supposed to make it to Social Security when I am having a hard time justifying paying for a meal? 

Readers, it can be tough out there. Rest assured, for all of us at some time or another, we can all agree that…work sucks.

This month, we’re investigating the movies that probe into this theme; though a lot of the protagonists are male, there is a female character that epitomizes the difference between “dream” job and hellish nightmare job (hint: it involves Anne Hathaway). 

Take a break from the grind this month and unwind with us! Put on your adult pants and go to work, but keep in mind that even the very worst job does not have to be permanent.

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Happy Watching!


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