Hey, Readers!

I hope you’re all doing well through these crazy times. As an “essential” worker, it’s nice to have something to do all day, but it’s also nice to write something that I hope you’re enjoying too! As we cross into the summer, I wish that the good times get better and that we can normalize soon.

This month’s theme is about con artists. Long-mesmerized by all things trickery, I have a special stake in this particular theme. Let’s put away the wedding bells and take a closer look at all those Multilevel Marketing emails and social media posts you’ve been seeing because desperate times bring out desperate people.

Lots of us have fallen for tricks in our time; they’re designed to fool you. Whether you’ve seen magic tricks or participated in a fad diet or bought into an MLM company (no shame, I participated for about a month in one of those companies before I realized I was being foolish and got the fuck out), you have probably fallen for something. Con artists are exceptional practitioners of scams. We are simultaneously horrified and awed by what they get away with, and are quick to judge those who fall into their traps.

This month, every story is non-fiction. That means there will be no formal diagnoses since nurses cannot ethically diagnose anyone (even for blogging purposes, I only feel comfortable diagnosing fictional friends). Instead, we’ll take a look at elements of the con and what might make a con artist the way that they are – from Fyre Festival to drops of blood, Melissa McCarthy to Leonardo DiCaprio, this month will have you hoodwinked.

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